Basma Wahba attacks a famous footballer and threatens to publish explicit photos of him-in the video


The raisedFlagsEgyptianBasma and gift, A wide debate among the public, after it attacked a famous Egyptian soccer player, without naming it, and only uttered the first letter of his name, “P”.
Wahba’s words came during an episode of her program, saying to him: “Everyone stood in your back, the audience supported you unusually, and the administration supported you even though it was not used to providing this support to neglected players.”
She added: “After all that, you are at the height of the crisis by staying up late last week, in one of the places in the Nile Corniche, until the morning, and making everyone see you in the situation that you were in?”
And she continued: “The commitment made Mohamed Salah a world star, and lack of commitment eliminates others like you, until you become trapped in the bench, despite the talent that you possess.”
She threatened him, saying, “I have pictures of you while you are in this place, and the situation I was showing appears, I did not publish it in respect of those who were with you, but the next time I will publish it, beware.”
This Wehbe attack caused many to try to guess who you mean, as most of them agreed that they meant the Al-Ahly player.Saleh Juma.


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