Basil’s greed hinders the formation of the government of Lebanon – Erm News


The head of the “Marada” stream was considered in Lebanon Suleiman Franjieh, Tuesday, that the caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gibran Bassil, is impeding the formation of the government with his “greed.”

This came during a press conference held by Franjieh in the “Al-Mardah Institution” in the town of “Bnachii” in northern Lebanon.

He said: “We are on the side of our allies (the March 8 forces supporting the Syrian regime led by Hezbollah), but we must be faithful in what we do, and I am not with an independent government because it is an unrealistic proposal.”

Franjieh pointed out that “Minister Gibran Bassil (head of the Free Patriotic Movement) greed and obstructs the formation of the government,” referring to Basil’s pursuit of the largest number of ministers in the government that gives him the right to “the idle third”.

And he added: “We refuse to take any one-third of the government’s idle team in the government (one-third can block any decision), but we will not be impeded, and we will remain outside the government.”

He explained: “We do not want to delay and we said if it was an independent government, we will not participate, but if everyone will participate, we will demand a larger number of ministers, given that we are the second Christian team to participate in the government.”

Franjieh called on the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, to take responsibility for the stage the country is going through, saying: “I hope that the words of the representative of the covenant – a period when Aoun heads Lebanon – will be responsible, especially at this stage.”

He added: “I do not leave Hezbollah today and tomorrow, or after a hundred years, and I am at the core of the March 8 coalition (coalition), but I am open.”

He pointed out that “the revolution has struck the ruling class, and I hope the movement will give opportunity, and chaos will not bring good to anyone.”

Basil, at 12:30 GMT, did not respond to Frangieh’s accusations.

According to information, the latest problem about forming the new government among the “March 8” team is about increasing the number of ministers from 18, as demanded by Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab, to 20, to include most of the coalition’s components.

Since October 17, Lebanon has witnessed popular protests that forced the Saad Hariri government to resign, on the 29th of the same month.

The Prime Minister-designate Hassan Diab has been continuing for the past four weeks, to form a government that is now facing rejection among the protesters.

The protesters reject the form of the next government, which, according to the leaked information, will consist of 18 ministers nominated by political forces, and they call it the “government of advisers”, as it includes advisers to former ministers.

And they demand a neutral government composed of specialists, working to address the deteriorating political and economic situation, in a country that suffers the worst economic crisis since the civil war between 1975 and 1990.


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