Barondo for the Pharaohs of Hand before the Tunisia Show: We will be satisfied only with the coronation and qualification of Tokyo


Talk Technical director of the Egyptian national handball team Spanish Roberto Garcia Barondo for the Pharaohs player, during the technical lecture in preparation for the final match against Tunisia tomorrow in the final of the Nations of Africa and specified for them tomorrow, saying to them, “I know how difficult the situation is in front of the support of the Tunisian national team, but I also know how strong you are and your great potential to win and extract the African title from the stadium Rades, I have great confidence in your ability to perform the difficult and win the title. “

Barondo added to the players, “You are the best technically and technically, and we must apply what we planned during the previous periods and endured a lot and made a great effort, and the time for difficult moments must be overcome, asking the players to remain calm and focus on the field and victory will be an ally of us.”

The technical director added, “We did not offer our best so far, and we have much to offer in a better way in the final match against Tunisia. I will only be satisfied with the coronation and qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.”

The handball team qualified for the final by beating Algeria 27/30 in the semi-final, while the Tunisian national team qualified by beating Angola 39/23 in the same round..

The quarter-finals saw the Egyptian handball team win over Gabon with a score of 36/17, before defeating Angola by 33/26 in its second meeting to qualify for the semi-finals as the first group to face Algeria after it got a rest on Thursday..

Egypt succeeded in achieving the complete mark in the first round by defeating Guinea 39/22, then Kenya 44/19, and finally the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a score of 28/19. He won the title of best in the Kenya match, while Mohamed Mamdouh Hashem won the title of best player in the match between Egypt and Gabon in the quarter-finals before Al-Ahmar won the title of the best against Algeria.


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