Attack on regime sites in Idlib .. and dozens of deaths on both sides


Source: Dubai –

Today, Thursday, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced Armed attacks Multiple raids were launched yesterday, Wednesday, by armed factions, targeting soldiers of the Syrian regime army in Idlib city, killing both sides.

According to Russia, About 40 soldiers were killed in the Syrian regime army, while 80 others were wounded in the attacks targeting Assad forces’ sites in Idlib.

Russia also confirmed the killing of “50 militants,” as she put it. The Russian army said that “about 200 militants”, as he described it, launched the attack, violating the Syrian regime’s army’s defense lines.

Russia confirmed that the attackers now controlled two populated areas in Idlib.

The “Russian Reconciliation Center” also announced that the regime forces left their positions in Escalation Reduction Zone in Southeast Idlib The result of the attack.

In turn, the Syrian regime confirmed the attack. The regime’s “Syrian News” channel quoted a military source as saying that the “Al-Nusra Front” was carried out at dawn.

The source confirmed that the “Al-Nusra” gunmen were able to “penetrate some of the positions of the” regime’s army “using weapons, including booby-trapped vehicles, under heavy fire cover.”

The source added that the Syrian regime army “redeployed and worked to absorb the attack and prevent the attackers from developing it,” as he put it. He explained that “the clashes are still continuing … along the lines of contact.”

In a related context, the Syrian regime’s army and Russia continued Launching raids on Idlib and AleppoThis led to the death of a number of civilians.

The regime launched raids on Syrian opposition sites on the western outskirts of Aleppo. His aircraft also targeted heavy machine guns in the Idlib countryside.

Also, 3 civilians from one family were killed in a Russian bombing yesterday evening Wednesday, to Jabal Al-Zawiya, south of Idlib. The Russian bombing also killed 5 members of one family in eastern Idlib. Also, Russian warplanes launched air strikes this morning on areas in the northwest of the city of Aleppo and other areas in the western countryside of Aleppo.


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