Assi El-Hillany reveals the reason for excluding an Egyptian child from The Voice Kids


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lebanese artist Assi Al-Hillani revealed the reason for excluding an Egyptian child participating in the “The Voice Kids” program, whose Arabic version is broadcasted via MBC.

Al Halani, a member of the program’s jury, said in an audio commentary with MBC Trending, on Monday evening: “There is no doubt that Heidi is one of the wonderful voices that passed through us, and a unique talent.

Al-Hallani added that there is a great possibility, “The voices and talents that pass with us in the program will be in the last episodes, at a time when the coaches have completed the teams with them, and therefore we cannot reach (we choose them).”

Al-Hallani pointed out that “a lot of times, even in the Voice program for youth, managing the program gives participants – respect for their fatigue – you like to look at the program, but it is not possible for someone to surround you.”

A video clip that had been circulated for a moment singing an Egyptian child (Heidi Mohamed) in the third episode of The Voice Kids, while members of the show’s judging (Assi El-Hillani, Nancy Ajram, Mohamed Hamaki) refused to turn around for her selection, amid criticism through social networks of the jury’s decision.

MBC Trending’s broadcasters, however, denied the truth of what had been raised about MBC’s deletion of the child’s video on “The Voice Kids”.

Earlier, the child said in an intervention with an Egyptian satellite channel: “I was very upset, and my vote deserved to be chosen by the jury,” while her mother spoke in press statements that her lack of choice caused her to be disappointed.


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