Arabs draw our children in the garbage!


Source: Dubai – Masoud Al Zahid

Iranian parliamentarian Barwana Salashuri denounced the situation in which the Iranians lived, which pushed the Arab media to “cartoons showing Iranian children searching for food in the garbage”, and against the background of the Ukrainian plane being shot down by the Revolutionary Guard’s defenses, called on the military to return to the camps.

Barwana Salashuri, a representative of Tehran in the Iranian parliament, said on her page in “Instagram”, on Tuesday, that she called through the parliament platform repeatedly for the return of the military to the barracks, and mentioned that the intervention of the military in all political, economic and cultural fields “is the reason behind the error that led To the downing of the Ukrainian plane with two missiles launched by the Revolutionary Guards, “because the military and because of their interference in the areas indicated by the deputy” could not carry out their duties in the locations where they should be serious, “she said.

Foreign pressure and plane tragedy

She stated that if it were not for foreign pressure, the dimensions of the tragedy caused by the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane would never have been revealed.

From the Ukrainian plane crash site
From the Ukrainian plane crash site

The MP considered that matters will not find a way to reform in Iran until any person finds himself in the place that suits him, stressing that the current situation in Iran cannot be considered organized, because those who are at the forefront of matters do not have the “capacity, capacity and ability to manage in The tasks assigned to them. “

Referendum to amend the constitution

She called on Salhashuri to organize a referendum, in order to amend the Iranian constitution and take decisions on issues of importance in the country, taking into account the views and views of the people.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

The reformist deputy criticized a statement of the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in which he said, “We are the ones who chose the way of life that we live.”

“Have you ever asked the people whether it was really they who chose this way of living?” She asked.

She stressed that “the Iranian people certainly did not choose death,” referring to the victims of the crashed plane.

The MP indicated that she would not run for the upcoming parliamentary elections, and would work as a “social activist” to fight the “cycle of death”, as she put it.
Arabs paint our children in garbage

Referring to the Arab neighborhood media’s shedding light on the living conditions of the Iranian people, who were supposed to lead a good life, as they possess various riches, she said, “Matters should not reach until the Arabs publish cartoons that show a country sitting on a barrel of oil and their children searching In the garbage. ”

“Our dignity is preserved when we are luxury,” she added.

Revolutionary Guards and Parallel Devices

The Iranian deputy addressed the Revolutionary Guards, as the most important military apparatus in her country, noting that he possesses institutions parallel to state institutions such as the security and intelligence apparatus of the Revolutionary Guards, who enjoy judicial support and benefit from the capabilities of the Radio and Television Authority, where the guide is the one who appoints the heads of such institutions.

Elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard
Elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard

It should be noted that efforts to limit the intervention of the Revolutionary Guard leaders and its parallel apparatus, especially those active in the economic and financial field, have always been the first concern of the presidents in Iran, where former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called them “smuggled brothers” and Hassan Rouhani tried to force this subordinate military apparatus The Supreme Leader will order the regime to return to the barracks, but to no avail.

One month after his victory in the presidential elections for the second time in 2017, Hassan Rouhani had described the Revolutionary Guards as a “government carrying the gun”, which caused him to be attacked harshly by the hard-line current close to the leader of the Iranian regime, Ali Khamenei.

Not the first time

This is not the first time that Deputy Salhashuri has called for a “popular referendum” in Iran, as she had previously called in September 2018 for this to resolve the dilemmas in internal and external policies, and called on the Iranian armed forces to return to the barracks, in reference to the role of the Revolutionary Guards in controlling Political and economic life in the country.

Iranian Parliament
Iranian Parliament

It also demanded, at the time, that Salihshori undertake real reforms to save the country, release political prisoners, reform the judiciary and combat corruption.

The reformist deputy said in a tweet on her account on the website “Twitter” that her speech did not appeal to many, and they faced it vehemently, but went ahead with the demand for “popular referendum” until the end, she said.


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