Apple triumphs for iPhone fans … and limits website tracking


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Apple gave fans of its products, especially the iPhone, more privacy by cutting back Basic site data collection In the background by third-party applications.

The US tech giant has thus kept its promises to focus on privacy in the latest version of the iOS 13 mobile operating system, and has managed to reduce site data collection 68% since the launch of iOS 13 in September 2019, according to a new report released by Digiday.

Apple had started testing the switch button for the geographic location promised to iPhone 11 users in December 2019, after a security researcher discovered late last year that the iPhone 11 Pro phone is constantly checking the geographic location of the user even if he disables location services.

Is your phone following you?

In this context, security researcher Brian Krebs, owner of KrebsOnSecurity, stated that the iPhone 11 Pro tracks users ’locations even when all available location services are turned off except for the master key.

Users are accustomed to pop-up notifications alerting them when an app tries to collect site data in the background even if it is not in use and allows them to selectively control it, and the company recently launched to educate users about the mechanism of notifications that have been part of iOS since 2017.

In addition, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, in 2019 called on the competent authorities in the United States to issue strict privacy laws similar to European Union countries, stressing his company’s commitment to protecting users ’personal data, which could become weapons against users, he said.

“Every day billions of dollars go into the hands of companies that make countless decisions based on what we love and hate, our friends, our families, our relationships, our conversations, our desires, our fears, our hopes and dreams,” Cook added at the 40th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.

Notices to educate users

As a result of these pop-up notifications that enable users to selectively control the selection of applications that attempt to track the site in the background even if they are not in use, some external applications have registered subscription rates less than 50 percent in terms of collecting site data.

The development of the update and the availability of a wide range of privacy features also contributed to a 24% decrease in data sharing that occurs while the application is open.

It is mentioned that when a third-party application tries to collect site data, a pop-up window appears with three options that are “Allow during use only”, “Allow always” and “Allow only once”, in addition to displaying a map of those sites.

They know more about you than you know

According to the Apple CEO, some external applications carefully collect user data in order to trade and sell it, creating a permanent digital file, and allowing interested companies to know you in more detail than you might know about yourself.

Cook cautioned against denying these facts, and saying that such practices are censorship, and that these stocks of personal data seek only to enrich the companies that collect them, calling for action to know the consequences of that.


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