“Apple” is preparing to launch “iPhone SE”


A number of websites have published leaks about Apple, about it is preparing to launch the most advanced version of its mobile phones, iPhone SE phones, next March, explaining that it is supposed to be the cheapest price as well.

According to these data, the American company will launch its new iPhone SE phones soon, and a number of companies are cooperating in collecting these phones, including Foxconn, Pegatron, and Wistron, which are known to collect them for iPhones that were launched in recent years, provided that the new version comes with a similar framework for iPhone 8 phones and a screen size of 4. 7-inch, the advanced A13 processor that was introduced in the latest iPhone 11 phones.

It is scheduled to include a fingerprint scanner in the Home button, and add 64/128 / 256GB RAM, along with the face recognition feature via the front camera to unlock the screen.

And Apple introduced a model of iPhone SE phones in 2016, with similar specifications from the specifications of the iPhone 6s, at a price of $ 399, which gave it the advantage of spread and popularity.


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