Apple introduces affordable mid-range phones


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Apple announced that it will introduce mid-range budget phones during 2020.

And the website “Times News Now” revealed that the company plans to launch many copies of the second generation of its economic phones, “iPhone SE” during 2020.

It is expected that “Apple” will launch two phones in one medium cost in the first half of 2020, namely, “iPhone SE2” and “iPhone SE2 Plus”, according to the report, the TimesNow website.

According to the report, Apple announced that it will support the two phones with two “LCD” screens, and the sizes of their screens will be 5.5 inches and 6.1 inches.

It is reported that the iPhone SE phones will look very similar to the iPhone 8 phones and will include a fingerprint sensor.

It is expected that the Apple phone will be equipped with a new high-speed chip, type “A13”, and a random access memory “RAM” with a capacity of 3 GB.

On the same level, the reports did not reveal the “Apple” plan to support its new phones with “Face ID” technology for facial recognition.

At the same time, the sources pointed out that the new iPhones will come in three colors (silver, gray and red).


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