Anyone who follows the Joker is a Muslim Brotherhood


Tell me – a great irony that social media pioneers in Egypt received warning the broadcaster close to the security services, Ahmed Moussa, from watching the Hollywood movie “The Joker”.

Moussa said in his program “On My Responsibility” on the satellite channel “Echo Al Balad”: “One of the Brotherhood’s instructions before January 25 is to watch the Joker movie, and anybody who tells you to see the Joker movie remains brothers.

Despite Musa’s seriousness in warning him of the movie “The Joker,” the tweeters responded with sarcasm: “We all saw the Joker and we remain brothers.”

“Translate”: The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, announces his dissatisfaction with the Joker movie and orders that any person who watched the film be told … It is clear that he has seen a scene admired in the movie.

Ahmed Saleh tweeted, “Of course it is known … Look at the Joker, it means terrorism and what … Sa’i Ahmed Musa.”

Walid Zaki commented: “As I prepared before the TV, I met Ahmed Moussa saying,” Whoever speaks to you on the Joker movie, I arrest him brothers … I mean, anyone says you. I saw the Joker movie. I know that he is brothers … Al-Ubeitah. “

Nessma mocked: “Anyone who hears or hears the Joker (the movie) will tell you who will be my brothers and tell him.”


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