Anger in Iraq .. “Your candidate is rejected” and banditry is legal


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

A tumultuous day in Iraq, MondayTo wake up to the death toll of 6, they fell during the clashes that took place between the security forces and the protesters who crossed several vital roads and bridges yesterday, whether in the capital or the southern provinces.

This bloody day coincided with the nomination of Muhammad Allawi to form a good government The demonstrators As soon as the possibility of his assignment spread, they expressed their protests in the squares, recalling that he was among the previous names that the movement refused.

Meanwhile, a source in the Iraqi Presidency announced, on Monday evening, of Allawi refused His nomination to head the government, attributing the reason to incapacitating conditions attributed to the “Saeron” bloc of the Sadrist movement leader Muqtada al-Sadr.

Cut off a project

As for the return to the road blockage that Iraq witnessed yesterday, which protesters are sticking to, Amnesty International confirmed that this move is permissible peacefully, provided that it does not impede the passage of emergency cases.

“Every Iraqi has the right to have the freedom to protest in peace, and the Iraqi security forces have a duty to protect this right,” the organization said, adding that the partial and peaceful closure of the roads is a legitimate form of peaceful assembly in accordance with international human rights standards.

Muhammad Allawi
Muhammad Allawi

She also noted that “restrictions on the right to freedom of peaceful assembly can only be imposed when it is necessary, such as opening a road to reach hospitals.”

For its part, the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq called on the government to do its duty to protect peaceful demonstrators, after the security forces used violence in the face of protests in Baghdad and the southern provinces, Monday.

4 protesters were killed

Security and medical sources reported late Monday that six Iraqis, including two policemen, were killed and dozens were wounded in the capital, Baghdad, and other cities during clashes between demonstrators and security forces after renewed anti-government demonstrations in the wake of a lull that lasted for several weeks, according to Reuters news agency.

She added that three of the protesters died in the hospital from the wounds they sustained after the police fired live ammunition in Baghdad’s Aviation Square.

She explained that two people were wounded with bullets, while the third hit a tear gas bomb. It also said that the police killed a fourth protester in the holy Shiite city of Karbala.

In addition, Reuters witnesses said that protesters threw Molotov cocktails and rocks at the police, who responded by firing tear gas and sound grenades.

Run over two policemen

And in Basra city Oil-rich, security sources said a civilian car ran over and killed two policemen during the protests. They added that the driver was trying to avoid the location of clashes between protesters and security forces when two security personnel were shocked.

Elsewhere in southern Iraq, hundreds of protesters set tires and closed major roads in several cities, including Nasiriyah, Karbala, and Amara.

Basra clashes January 20, AFP
Basra clashes January 20, AFP

On the other hand, the Iraqi police denied firing live demonstrators. And it confirmed that its forces had succeeded in reopening all the roads that were closed by what they described as “violent groups”. She added that 14 policemen were wounded near Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, some of them with head wounds and broken bones.

It is noteworthy that since October 1, Iraq witnessed mass demonstrations, which were launched at the outset to demand improvement in the living situation, fighting corruption and unemployment, and later turned into a demand for a change in the political system based on quotas and dependencies, the formation of a transitional government headed by a name far from the parties, and the holding of early legislative elections.

From central Baghdad (January 20 - Reuters)
From central Baghdad (Jan 20 – Reuters)

The demonstrations were violent in many stations, with hundreds of wounded and thousands of people killed since the beginning of the movement.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq had previously announced 497 deaths, including 39 assassinations, and 15 members of the security forces, while the number of wounded reached about 23 thousand, including four thousand security personnel, while the number of kidnappers reached 60 people were fired Only 20 of them were released, while the number of detainees reached 2970, most of them were released.


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