Android features missed by iOS users


Many users prefer Android phones over those operating on iOS systems, because these devices provide features that are not found in the latter.

One of the most prominent things that attract users to use Android devices is the great option for the applications they need, which meet different tastes and needs, unlike iOS phones, which impose on users the applications in its online store only.

The thing that distinguishes Android devices from iOS devices also is the advantage of using two applications at the same time, as it is possible in Android systems to divide the screen into two sections in which different applications work, so the user is allowed, for example, to browse a site and use the chat application or watch videos via YouTube at the same time .


Android devices also provide users with great ease in customizing the screen, as the user can control the user interfaces the way that suits him, and choose the interfaces and applications on them according to his needs, while in iOS phones the user is forced to put application shortcuts on the main interfaces only.


Android phones also provide the Google Assistant voice assistant, which is more advanced than the Siri Assistant found on Apple iOS phones.

Source: 4apk

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