An Italian politician calls a Tunisian immigrant to ask him: Are you promoting drugs?


Source: Rome – France Press

Tunisian Ambassador to Rome Moez Senawi denounced “disturbing behavior” For Italian right-wing politician Matteo Salvini Who was speaking, on Tuesday, during his campaign in Bologna, a Tunisian resident on the phone number of the building where he lives and asked him if he was “promoting drugs”.

“This behavior is a provocation, and a total lack of respect for a private residence,” the Tunisian ambassador told AGI, after a question about the leader of the far-right Northern League party towards the Tunisian family.

The ambassador expressed his “concern about the annoying behavior of a senator in the republic,” referring to Salvini, who is the former Italian Interior Minister, condemning the “unjust defamation” of a Tunisian family.

During his campaign Tuesday evening, Salvini toured a neighborhood in Bologna, surrounded by cameras, to a house led by him living in the neighborhood, who claimed that his inhabitants were promoting drugs.

After he pressed the home phone button, he said Salvini Addressing the Tunisian resident: “Good evening. We informed residents of an abominable matter about you. They told us that some of the drugs sold in the neighborhood come from your home. Is this true or false?”

After he addressed his address, Salvini asked those around him, “Is he a Tunisian? Who is promoting drugs? Son or father?”

For his part, the “Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights” (a Tunisian non-governmental organization) expressed its “condemnation” of this “populist” behavior in the context of “the escalation of feelings of xenophobia, especially the Tunisians.”

In a statement, the forum affirmed its readiness to provide “legal support for every prosecution aimed at achieving justice before the Italian courts or the European Court of Human Rights.”

According to Italian media, the Tunisian family has contacted a law office to study the possibility of prosecuting Salvini.

On Sunday, the Northern League hopes to win very important regional elections in the Emily Roman region.

The victory of the extreme right in the stronghold of the Italian left may lead to the fall of the government formed by the left-wing “Democratic Party” and “Five Star Movement”, which will lead to the organization of early legislative elections. And Salvini He enthusiastically seeks this.


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