An Iranian officer raped a detainee with the recent protests


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Raha Bahraini, an Iranian researcher in the Iranian file, revealed that an Iranian security officer in civilian clothes raped one of the women detainees during Recent protests In Tehran. And considered a Bahraini this offense is “evidence of torture” held in Iranian prisons.

In a statement she made to “Iran International” channel, Monday, she drew a Bahraini that the Amnesty report was obtained during a public campaign launched by this human rights organization on social media about the recent protests in Iran.

A Bahraini explained that, during her arrest, this woman was under pressure to have sex with the security officer.

She criticized Iranian officials’ neglect of the mentioned issue, and announced that many women and victims of torture and sexual harassment were unable to file complaints due to the security climate.

Immunity for criminals

She also said, “Many women face more harassment if they intend to file complaints, which hinders the process of obtaining information from them.

Furthermore, Bahraini criticized the “immunity” that the Iranian regime uses to protect those responsible for these crimes, the official denial of these issues and the prevention of prosecution.

She said that Amnesty International calls on victims and their families to report similar cases and torture to the Iranian authorities, during their meeting or correspondence, and to request the authorities to respond. And she continued: “Unless the phenomenon of immunity in the Iranian regime is confronted, these cases will be repeated.”

This activist also asked Amnesty International to deal with the perpetrators of these crimes and human rights violations in Iran.

From the site of the Ukrainian plane crash in Tehran (archive - Reuters)
From the site of the Ukrainian plane crash in Tehran (archive – Reuters)
Document these cases

On following up on this issue and documenting such cases, Bahraini called the victims to see a trusted doctor and take a medical report from him about the damages resulting from torture and the pressures they are exposed to, in order to submit complaints.

She added that if the face or identity of the aggressor could be determined, victims could hand this information over to international organizations active in the field of human rights. She said that torture cases globally, especially in countries that adhere to universal principles, can be heard in the courts.

It also indicated that the courts of other countries can follow up on the matter if there are documents proving these crimes.

On January 15, Amnesty International published a report on the recent protests in Iran over the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane in Tehran by the Revolutionary Guards, during which it indicated that Iranian security forces used live bullets, hunting bullets and tear gas against the protester, and the arbitrary detention of dozens of them during The protests.

In this report, the organization announced that it had received horrific statements of sexual violence against at least one woman by Iranian security forces in civilian clothes.


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