An interesting study about the “blue light” of electronic devices screens


Warnings of exposure to blue light from electronic devices screens have become part of daily life alerts, and this thinking has stimulated a small industry that relies on innovations that aim to stop harmful effects, such as warm-color “night mode” settings, as well as tools and glasses that claim to prevent Blue light.

However, a group of researchers at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, developed a research paper that challenges this idea, after exposing the mice to lights that were different in color tones despite equal brightness and assessing their subsequent activity, the researchers concluded that the yellow light actually appears more disturbing to sleep than Blue light, and the researchers hypothesized that warm light could trick the body into thinking it was day, while cooler blue light mimicked twilight.

The results of the study were surprising, given the widespread thinking about blue light, and some researchers have argued that although electronics can keep you awake because of their bright lights and their ability to absorb time, blue light is not necessarily a problem, and the researchers said that physical and mental transformations Behavior depends on your time, and the clearer daily rhythm that motivates you to tire at night and alert you during the day, and this process depends on melatonin, which is a hormone produced when your surroundings are dark, and exposure to light at night can confuse this process and suppress the production of Melatonin.

Studies have suggested that blue light is a powerful inhibitor of melatonin, especially melanobicin, which helps eye cells assess the brightness of light, and is particularly sensitive to shorter and cooler wavelengths such as blue light, which some research says may affect the body more than other forms One of the studies cited in 2014 showed that using an iPad device that emits blue light before bed prevents melatonin, while reading a traditional book does not.

Far from the controversy surrounding the last study and the criticisms directed at it, as it was done in mice whose eye response may differ from the human eye, but researchers nonetheless say that the research results do not mean that the blue light is evil, and from their point of view the recommendations related to limiting light Blue has a scientific basis based on the idea that blue light interrupts sleep, because research constantly shows that light of any kind suppresses melatonin, and blue light may do so, but most of the research conducted in this field was not representative of the way the average person is exposed to blue light That is, most of the case Experimental procedures do not correspond to the day of the average person, and even after that they often lead to slight sleep changes.

The researchers add that the light spectrum is not the only important thing, it is also important brightness and exposure time, and you cannot worry about the spectrum alone, nor can you turn on your blue light filter, then turn on your phone or tablet at maximum brightness, and you expect that no problem will occur .

According to experts, there are many other reasons for limiting light, such as lack of restlessness, not to spend all of your time staring at screens, and the possible consequences for mental health related to lifestyle, as well as what is related to eye health, and there is no reason to waste your time. And your money in searching for glasses or filtering tools for blue light, while while some people report an improvement in eye fatigue or headache after using these products, there is no research indicating that blue light destroys your eyes, according to experts if you feel more comfortable Using these tools is good, but it does nothing for the health of AR Nick.

According to the researchers, the evidence is not strong enough to make a comprehensive recommendation about sleep and blue light, but this does not necessarily mean that using bedtime technology is a good idea, so any bright light before bed can spoil the daily rhythms of your body, as the research confirms the fact that the dark room is the best environment To sleep.


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