An exciting video from inside intensive care reveals how doctors treat patients with SK


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An exciting video from within the Intensive Care reveals the way doctors treat Corona patients, citing a Mazmz site, on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

A video clip documented the moments of tension and caution in hospitals in China about the spread of infection with the new Corona virus.
The video, which was filmed from intensive care, showed the doctors standing by to save the injured, while they were careful to wear masks and protective clothing completely for fear of infection.

Despite the atmosphere of tension, the doctors were tightening each other with the help of modern equipment, repeated sterilization, and alternating patients with the help of nurses.
China is witnessing a state of preparedness to face the mysterious disease against which no vaccine has been discovered, and is trying to control it by wearing face masks, as it requested emergency assistance with 40 million face masks, while intensifying efforts according to what was discovered about the fatal disease.

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Source: Mazzam


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