An armless model competed for the title Miss


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In an accident, the first of its kind in the world of beauty, Mexican model Anna Gabriela Molina leads to compete for the upcoming Miss Veracruz title.
In the details, Molina, 24, who was born with a birth defect in which her arms did not grow naturally, said she was seeking to win the Miss Veracruz beauty umbrella title in the Gulf of Mexico.

Anna said in a statement to Reuters that she holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and was able to overcome great difficulties in her life despite her disability, and her progress to compete for the title of beauty queen is nothing but an affirmation of her strong determination and desire to be a role model for people with disabilities.

Molina added that her disability did not prevent her from leading a normal life as she writes, eats her food and uses her phone with her feet.
In the event that Molina wins the title of Miss her hometown “Veracruz” next March, she will qualify to compete for the title of Miss Mexico next June.

Molina, who is currently working as a model, has concluded that her disability is not a restriction for her and that she will pass her life like others.


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