Amr Harda, a heroine of harassment, sues Tamer Amin in Dubai and demands huge compensation


Fashion model, Merihan Keeler, 28, who was the reason for the overthrow of Egyptian player Amr Warda after allegations by her of being harassed, accused the media tamer Amin of defaming her.The model, who is based in Dubai, is demanding a compensation of 1.4 million dirhams (the equivalent of $ 383,000), after her image was demonized by the media, when she announced that she was subjected to sexual harassment by 3 Egyptian players, according to her claim.

According to the IRAM news agency, the local English newspaper, The National, attached the reporter, Tamer Amin, the model of Merihan to the side of actor Mohamed Ramadan, in an attempt to ridicule and insult her, according to her lawyers.

The Egyptian journalist told the newspaper that he “may have been ridiculed indeed during his suspension”, but that he was “shocked when informed of the court session.”

The Egyptian model stressed that “the issue is not only related to the media, but because many media outlets and channels in Egypt publicly insulted people, without realizing the extent of the harm they had done to them.”

She added that the media Tamer Amin did not consider hosting her or talking to her about the issue of “harassment” to clarify the situation in full, continuing: “Instead, he insulted me, saying that an ugly girl like me could not be a victim of sexual harassment.”

According to the lawsuit, the journalist, Tamer Amin, spoke about the incident of harassment of the Egyptian team players in the bar on June 24 through a television program watched by millions of followers, using sarcastic words that included contempt and insult to her.

Lawyers for the model in Dubai demanded that the Egyptian media be punished with the maximum penalty, according to the laws of the Emirates, for violating the “Keeler” privacy.

Merihan said that the incident caused her a scandal in Egypt, where she received dozens of death threats and sexual harassment on social media.

She also confirmed that “her mother was subjected to numerous harassment”: “My mother was harassed in the street and was unable to go to the grocery store for several months.”

On the other hand, it received support from several women who were exposed to similar situations in Egypt.

The fans of the Egyptian team blamed the Egyptian model for the early exit of the team.

More than 75 fake accounts have been created on social media in the name of the model, adding to the harassment she has been through online.

The model said, “This is not the first time that abuse has been issued by the journalist, Tamer, on similar issues.”

Tamer Amin denied the model’s allegations, stressing that he was “just a journalist who deals with daily news”: “I dealt with the issue as a media only. It was a very important tournament hosted in Egypt, and Amr Warda was one of the most important players.”

“Amin” indicated that the model, “Keeler”, revealed that she was subjected to harassment, and that it was not open to criticism and abuse.

He added: “Maybe I spoke with irony, but within the framework of criticism and analysis permitted by the media, and my comments did not include any insults or defamation.”

He continued, “My behavior would have been defamation if I had mentioned her name or published pictures of her, but it was she who published the information about her being harassed by the player Amr,” noting that “he had not met the model before, and that people should accept criticism Even if it was cynical. ”

The case is scheduled to be heard in the Misdemeanor Court in Nasr City in Cairo on January 30 of this month.

The supermodel caused a crisis in the corridors of the Egyptian team during the African Cup of Nations, after it published videos that accused a number of the national team of molesting her, headed by Amr Warda.

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