America announces the first infection with the new deadly virus


Source: Washington – Bandar Al-Doshi

The United States of America on Tuesday reported the first case of a potentially fatal new virus spreading in China, specifically in Wuhan, China, saying that a resident of Washington state who returned last week from China had been transferred to a hospital near Seattle.

US health officials said the man, who was identified as a Snohomish County resident, was in his thirties and was in good condition and was not considered a threat to medical personnel or the public, according to the US Associated Press.

US officials confirmed that they believe the overall risk of the virus to the American public remains low.

This comes as the Chinese authorities announced that the outcome of the new “Corona” virus, which is spreading in China It increased to 9 deaths, and more than 400 injured, Across the country, warning of the risk of this virus spreading faster because of its ability to mutate, and that there is evidence of transmission of respiratory infections from one patient to another.

Airports around the world have strengthened surveillance and verification of passengers from China in search of signs of illness in the hope of containing the virus during the travel season.

Late last week, US health officials began examining passengers from Wuhan, central China, as the outbreak began.

Verification was in progress at three US airports – Kennedy Airport in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco airports. On Tuesday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it will add Chicago’s O’Hare and Atlanta airports to the list later this week.

Moreover, officials will also start forcing all Chinese Wuhan passengers to go to one of these five airports if they wish to enter the United States.

The officials said that the American resident in the hospital did not show any symptoms when he arrived at the “Seattle Tacoma” airport last Wednesday, but he started feeling sick on Thursday and went to the doctor on Sunday with fever and cough. Laboratory tests confirmed on Monday that he was infected with the virus.

The new virus belongs to the Coruna virus strain that causes SARS syndrome, according to the World Health Organization, which will hold an emergency meeting, later on Wednesday, to determine whether it is appropriate to declare a “state of health emergency with an international dimension”, a measure usually taken to address For more serious epidemics.


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