Al-Nour site series Othman bin Artgrel episode 7, in the Arabic language, via the frequency of the Algerian Fajr TV channel


Osman Bin Artgrel Episode 7, The search is increasing at that time on the date of the presentation of the series of the founder, Othman bin Artgrel, the seventh episode on the Algerian channel Al-Fajr in the Arabic language, after the episode was presented yesterday, Wednesday, January 22, 2020 in the Turkish language on the official channel carrying ATV, which confirmed to us a long time ago All episodes of the founder Osman series, first season.

Al-Nour site series Osman bin Artgrel episode 7 seventh

The seventh episode of the series, Founder Othman, witnessed very powerful events that attracted the attention of viewers, as Othman Al-Ghazi managed to escape from the hands of the two crosses after being tortured for a long time, and he started planning the war again and began preparing the army again, and the founder invader also appeared. The elder Ertugrul who returned from Macedonia in order to help his son Uthman in the war, which will be one of the strongest wars in the Ottoman Empire, and some expected the death of Ertugrul the Great in the last episodes of the series Argerel Resurrection, especially since he did not appear for a long time, but in fact he was afflicted with a disease that made him He heads to Macedonia, and has returned once Rey to work on the surprise of the audience.

You can find here: – Resurrection Osman episode seven translated into Arabic.

Osman’s seventh resurrection now

The seventh episode of the series Osman bin Artgrel

The Algerian Al-Fajr channel will transmit the series of the founder Othman Al-Ghazi the next day and will present the seventh episode of the series Othman bin Artgrel today, Thursday, January 23, 2020, at exactly eight o’clock in the evening Egypt time, and nine in the evening Saudi Arabia time, so we offer you from Today’s events site frequency of the broadcasting channel, in order to follow the episode in Arabic, as Al-Fajr channel is the only Arabic channel that presents the episode with subtitles.

Correction factorFrequencyThe satellite
5/6 vertical10922Nile sat
5/6 vertical12130Yah Sat

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