Al-Arabiya meets a former Hezbollah fighter, who lost his eye in the demonstrations


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

A former combatant in the Lebanese Hezbollah militia told Al-Arabiya channel about his experience after he left the party and was no longer convinced of his ideas, and he joined the ranks of the demonstrators to lose his right eye with a stone during the clashes that arose, on Saturday, in front of the Lebanese parliament.

The young man Ayman told Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent Ghinwa Yatim: “I was a follower of Hezbollah and left.”

Previous photos show the young man, who is involved in the party and wearing his slogan.

Ayman suffered an injury that left his right eye in demonstrations last Saturday in front of the parliament.

Although his family was absent from his hospital room, due to political differences, the most important of which was the young man’s rebellion against Hezbollah, but it was filled with many protesters who shared his injuries.

Ayman stated that he prefers not to go into the causes of his differences with his family, which he attributed to private matters.

On networking sites, his family is said to have abandoned him because of his position on the revolution and his support for it. Ayman comments on this shift that he decided to join the protesters in his own mask.

Before his injury, on Saturday evening, Ayman participated in the revolutionary movement in the village of Nabatiyeh in southern Lebanon, in which Hezbollah attacked the demonstrators’ camps in an attempt to eliminate any manifestations of the revolution.


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