Al-Ahly: There is no alternative to winning against ES Sahel in the Champions League


Syed Abdul Hafeez, director of football in the first football team of the club, confirmed Al-Ahly The importance of the Tunisian coastal star match scheduled for next Sunday evening in the fifth round of the group stage competitions in the African Champions League, saying, “We have no alternative but to win in the face of next Sunday to approach one of the two cards to qualify to the quarter-finals.”

Al-Ahly’s football director added that the technical staff led by Swiss Rene Filer strongly trusts the capabilities of the players, and the team’s personality that settles many difficult situations, especially in light of the conditions that Al-Ahly is going through this season due to the cohesion of the matches, and running an intense number of them in a short period of time.

Abdel Hafeez pointed out that giving the players a negative rest from the exercises for 48 hours is a positive breath-taking, especially since everyone needed to rest to prepare well for the upcoming Tunisian coastal star match..

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly will resume its training tomorrow, Wednesday, in preparation for confronting the coastal star next Sunday in the fifth round of the group stage competitions in the African Champions League, and Al-Ahly has 7 points in the second group collected from the victory over the Zimbabwe and Al-Hilal Sudanese in the first round of the second group competition then A draw against Platinum in the second round of the group matches.

Al-Ahly beat the contractors with two clean goals scored by Hussein Al-Shahat and Walid Suleiman in the 20th and 80th minutes, during the match that took place between them on Sunday evening in Al-Salam Stadium, which came in the 14th round matches of the Premier League, with this result Al-Ahly raised its score to point 36, occupying the top of the league table While the balance of Arab contractors stopped at point 29, finishing second.

Al-Ahly formation included goalkeepers: Muhammad Al-Shinnawi, Defense line Ahmed Fathi – Rami Rabia – Yasser Ibrahim – Ayman Ashraf, midfield Mahmoud Metwally – Amr Al-Sulaya – Muhammad Magdi “Afsha” – Hussein Al-Shahat – Ahmed Al-Sheikh and in the attack, Junior Ajay, while it included The formation of mountain wolves: goalkeepers: Mahmoud Abu Al-Saud, line of defense: Amir Abed – Mohammed Samir – Farouqa – Hassan Al-Shami, midfield: Muhammad Majali – Marouf Youssef – Karim Mustafa In the attack, Saif Al-Din Ljaziri – Shukri Najeeb – Muhammad Salem.


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