Al-Ahly surprise against the coastal star


Rene Fyler is ready
Al-Ahly club coach for a surprise in the Tunisian Coastal Star match next Sunday
Within the fifth round of the group stage in the African Champions League.

Fyler intends to pay
Senegalese Alliou Badji in this meeting, after completing his registration procedures coming from Rapid
Austrian Vienna for 4 and a half seasons after being enrolled after Walid Azzaro left for
Saudi agreement.

Al-Ahly seeks to achieve
Beat the coastal star to disengage in this complex group in which he competes
The two teams with the Sudanese Al Hilal to qualify for the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

The Spanish sufferer Juan Carlos
Jarrido is the technical director of the Tunisian coastal star team At the goalkeeping center as I mentioned
The newspaper “Digital Tunisia” which confirmed it
There is only the substitute goalkeeper Ashraf Kreir due to the suspension of the main guard, Makram Al-Badiri, because of
He obtained the red card in the last confrontation against the Sudanese Crescent, and it cannot be approved
The team on the third guard, Walid Kreidan, is on the African list after he conducted an operation
Surgical ligaments.


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