Al-Ahly reveals a big-eyed surprise about Al-Sheikh


Brigadier General Mohamed Morgan, the CEO of Al-Ahly Club, has denied recent rumors of accepting the resignation of Turki Al-Sheikh, president of Almeria Club, from the honorary presidency of the Red Fort so far.

Al-Sheikh issued an official statement in the past hours, carrying a letter of his signature to Al-Ahly club president Mahmoud Al-Khatib, calling for the speedy resolution of the matter and notification of the decision.

“Marjan” said in press statements that “Turki Al-Sheikh is still still an honorary president of the club, and there is no evidence to the contrary, because the board of directors did not accept his honorary resignation.”

And the site quoted other sources in Al-Ahly Club (unnamed), that the issue of resignation from the honorary presidency of the Red Fort will be answered in a detailed statement, in the coming days, for its announcement to public opinion.

The sources added that the board of directors had never considered accepting the resignation that the Al-Sheikh submitted from his position, and the relations between Al-Ahly and the Al-Sheikh’s family do not allow the resignation of this family.

Al-Sheikh published a statement on his official page on the site “Facebook”, in which he said: “I had the honorary presidency granted to me by your board of directors, and I wished to serve the entity and I will continue, God willing.”

He said: “I formally submitted on May 25, 2018 my resignation from the honorary presidency of the club and I have not been notified officially until the moment of accepting the resignation. For Al Ahly Club and its fans. ”

Turki Al-Sheikh took the post of honorary president of Al-Ahly Club, before he submitted his resignation from this position several months ago.


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