Al-Ahly measures the readiness of Senegalese Elio Badji before confronting the coastal star


Team continues Al-Ahly His daily training at Elche Stadium in preparation for facing the upcoming coastal star scheduled for next Sunday at Al-Salam Stadium in the fifth round of the group stage matches of the African Champions League, which will be attended by 10 thousand fans.

Swiss coach Rene Filer, the team’s technical director, defined a new physical and technical program for Senegalese Alio Badji, the new team striker, and asked “Filer” for Thomas Pinkel, the load planner, to set up a special program for “Badji” to implement it so that the player is ready to participate in the upcoming star match, where he is scheduled A technical decision is taken regarding the player whether he enters the technical accounts for the upcoming match or not in the coming hours.

As Saad Samir, the team’s defender continues to implement his rehabilitation program to recover from the effects of Achilles tendon surgery that he recently underwent in Germany, and Saad Samir is carrying out rehabilitative exercises in the “gym”, according to the program set for him after his return to Cairo and Dr. Khaled Mahmoud, the team’s doctor, is following the developments of rehabilitation The player, in order to check on the progress of the treatment and rehabilitation program well, until the completion of the first stage of qualification, where the player returns to Germany after four weeks; to undergo new medical examinations; to check on his condition.


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