Al-Ahly loaned Walid Azzaro to the Saudi agreement for the end of the season


Officials finished Al-Ahly Their agreement with the Saudi Al-Ittifaq club to loan Walid Azzaro, the red team striker, to the Saudi club until the end of the season, after a series of negotiations that took place between the two parties during the past days. The player is expected to fly to Saudi Arabia in the coming hours to join his new team.

The Saudi agreement sent an official offer to buy or borrow Walid Azzaro, the Red Team striker, during the ongoing winter Mercato after the technical staff of Al-Ahly, led by the Swiss, Rene Weiler, settled on his departure to register Senegalese Alliu Badji, who was contracted by the Austrian Rapid team for a period of 4 and a half years starting from This month, Azzaro’s relationship with Al-Ahly was strained after his dispute with Rene Vyler, the team’s technical manager, because of his lack of dependence, at a time when the player wants to participate to return to his country’s accounts again before Al-Ahly agreed to the Saudi offer.

Walid Azzaro appeared as a “splint in the hand” while performing running exercises around the stadium after the gymnasium he underwent on the sidelines of the team’s training session on Friday at the island’s Elche Stadium to reveal the scenes of his recent crisis with the Swiss technical director Rene Vyler, and Azaru participated in Maran yesterday after He missed Maran yesterday the day against the background of the crisis of the last Tanta match in the league that Azzaro objected to not participating in, so he was fined financially by Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the ball director, and the Moroccan striker fought twice in the gym before performing the running paragraph around the stadium several minutes, and Azaru appeared in his hand “Splint” as a result of an injury to the hand following a Tradh on his release from the formation of Tanta match.


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