Al-Ahly fans call for “Mohammedi’s Men” .. Gross receives a quick response to his shocking statement


Swiss soccer coach Christian Gross, the Al-Ahly club soccer coach, has stirred a lot of controversy in the past hours, after his statement that there was no need to sign new defenders during the current winter transfer window.

Gross said that Al-Ahly needs to improve his performance and does not need to include defenders, and will complete the same elements, praising the offensive brilliance and the quality of their registration.

A number of Al-Ahly fans criticized Gross’s statements, in light of Al-Ahly’s suffering from a vacuum between the defense and the center, and Al-Ahly’s running 10 games, under the leadership of Gross, did not keep the cleanliness of their nets during them only once, in the Al-Ahly and Al-Faiha match, in the 16th round of the Khadem Cup the Two Holy Mosques.

Compared to Mohammadi

And the fans of Al-Ahly put Gross in comparison with Saleh Al-Muhammadi, the youth coach of Al-Ahly, who led the first team temporarily, before hiring the Swiss coach, especially since the short period that Al-Muhammadi spent with Al-Ahly witnessed great defensive strength for Al-Raqi.

Saleh Al-Muhammadi took Al-Ahly’s leadership in only 4 games, during which he headed to resolve the defense crisis and receive many goals, as Al-Ahly fought 3 games in the league before his inauguration, which ended in a draw with justice (1-1), and victory over the agreement (2-1), Then the loss to Al-Wahda (1-2), and two matches in the AFC Champions League against Al-Hilal, ended with Al-Hilal winning (4-2), and Al-Ahly winning (1-0).

What did Muhammadi do?

Al-Muhammadi depended on changing the defense line, and relying on new elements, including Abdul Basit Hindi and Mohammed Al-Khubrani at the heart of the defense, Abdullah Hassoun, right back, and Lucas Lima, left back.

Al-Muhammadi’s plans varied in the four games, but he relied on Noah Al-Mousa and Joseph de Souza at the center of the axis, and this method contributed to the solid defense of Al-Ahly, which saved him from receiving many goals.

In the four Muhammadi matches, Al-Ahly achieved 3 victories over Al-Fateh (2-0), Al-Faihaa (3-0), and Al-Taawun (3-1), as it drew with Al-Nasr, the defending champion of the last version, passively, meaning that Al-Ahly scored 8 goals and received Aim.

Conflicting facts

Despite Gross’s assertion, and Ahmed Bamawada, Al-Ahly’s CEO, that Al-Ahly’s defense does not need a new deal, there have been reports about Al-Ahly’s desire to sign Talal Absi, the leader of the cooperation, which opened the door to questions about the fact that Al-Ahly was satisfied with his defenders, despite the inability to Maintain the nets under Grosse.


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