Al-Ahly entices Azzaro to share his offer of agreement to agree to the loan


Club officials introduced Al-Ahly Moroccan Walid Azzaro must obtain the club’s material share from the Saudi agreement offer to persuade him to leave the Saudi team on loan until the end of the season, after Swiss coach Rene Fyler rejected the team’s technical idea of ​​continuing with the team during the next stage.

Al-Ahly officials offered to Azzaro to get an additional 500 thousand dollars other than the value of his salary that he gets from the Saudi club to seduce him and then agree to the offer, as Al-Ahly does not want to dispense with the Moroccan international, and the red administration does not prefer the idea of ​​selling it permanently, and Al-Ahly received an offer Officially from the Saudi agreement to buy or borrow Walid Azzaro, to welcome Al-Ahly to the idea of ​​secondment, in order to discourage the club from entering the Senegalese Elio Badji, who was contracted by the Rapid Vienna team Austria for a period of 4 and a half years starting this month.

Azaru’s relationship with Al-Ahly was strained after his disagreement with Rene Vyler because of the lack of dependence on him, while the player wants to participate to return again to the accounts of his national team, and the Al-Ahly Planning Committee is holding continuous meetings to resolve the fate of Azzaro and other players nominated to leave the Red Castle, including Salah Mohsen and Geraldo And Saleh Juma.

On the other hand, the club officials transferred 500 thousand euros to the club Rapid Vienna, Austria, which represents the first installment of the deal of the Senegalese Alliot Badji, the new team striker, who contracted with Al-Ahly for two million euros, will be paid within a year and a half year, and Al-Ahly contracted the Senegalese player for four seasons. And the half-season starts from January this year, and the technical staff is preparing the Senegalese player to face the coastal star scheduled for next Sunday, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.


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