Ain El Hassoud Tart .. The stars celebrate the birthday of the first Egyptian star Nabila Obeid


A number of stars celebrated the birthday of the first Egyptian star The star Nabila Obaid, Among her colleagues from the artistic community, the media, Bossi Shalaby, was keen to celebrate her friend’s birthday and published some photos of her birthday celebrations through her account on Instagram.

And the “First Egyptian Star” appeared in the pictures that Shalaby published on her account as she is cutting her birthday cake, which she designed in the form of the famous “Eye of Envy” in blue, and among the most prominent Christmas attendees, star Amy Samir Ghanem.

Today, Tuesday, is the birthday of the artist Nabila Obeid, or as her fans call her “The First Star of Egypt”, which is one of the most famous stars in the Egyptian cinema and drama, and she presented many roles and characters that were not limited to the performance of one type or one character and one of these roles is the mother and daughter School, wife, business woman, policeman and dancer.

In a related context, Nabila Obaid, accompanied by actress Nadia Al-Jundi, began filming scenes of her new series “Women of Gold” in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, after they traveled with the artists Samiha Ayoub and Hala Fakher to there last Friday, to make table proofs with the work director Wael Ihsan before Filming begins on one of the villas there, the main decoration of the work that represents the family home.

Nabila Obaid on her birthday
Nabila Obaid on her birthday

“Women of Gold” is taken from an American comic “Forum” produced by the famous Disney company, and it depends on the use of more than one star to appear as honor guests during the episodes, especially since the nature of the work is closer to the sitcom and requires that, and a number of artists who participate in Working with them on the basis of Fouad and Mustafa Abu Saree, provided that the rest of the artists are chosen consecutively with photography.


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