Ahlam wears jewelry worth 7 million dollars at her party in the Riyadh season


Decorated Singer Ahlam at her concert in Saudi Arabia as part of the Riyadh season, Friday nightAnd, which bears the name “Arab Artist Night”, with jewelry worth $ 7 million, from Lebanese diamond merchant Samer Halima, and Ahlam topped the list of the most traded site on Twitter after honoring her at the ceremony.

After Ahlam’s look, the artist became the most expensive Arab artist at all, and at the ceremony she received a shield of pure gold, which is a crown whose slogan “Queen” represents.

Ahlam traveled specifically to London to agree with Samer on the pieces, which are made of necklace and earrings specially designed for her in yellow and emerald green diamonds.

Ahlam wrote on Twitter about her party and said: “I am entrusted and honored to have a single night bearing my name Ahlam, and at the end of the Riyadh season, thank you, His Excellency, the Chancellor, Al-Sheikh, for your great appreciation to me and for a twenty-five-year career that culminated in the” night of the Arab artist “, My fans are waiting for you, who have always supported me in my career, and without you, I would not have dreamed of Bint Zayed. “

The Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had singled out Emirati artist Ahlam Al Shamsi with an honorable night, as part of “Legends Nights”, which was organized by the authority on the sidelines of the Riyadh season in Saudi Arabia, to become the only artist in the Arab world to be honored among a large group of great artists in this season.

The artist, Ahlam, had released her new song, “I don’t know about people,” lyrics by Durban Abdel Mohsen, composed by musician Talal, distributed by Yahya Al-Muji, and supervised by Khaled Abu Munther and Mksaj Jassim Mohammed. The work is scheduled to be presented during the next few days through a group of channels Satellite and Arabic radios.



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