After receiving “Sons of ISIS” … sharp criticism of the President of Tunisia


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

Tunisian President Qais Saeed was subjected to great criticism, as he received the sons of ISIS fighters who killed Libya in Carthage Palace, after receiving them from the Libyan authorities, and this move angered the families of security and military personnel who were killed by terrorist groups.

And Thursday, Qais Saeed received at Carthage Palace, 6 orphaned children of the Tunisian ISIS who were eliminated in Libya during the war against the ISIS terrorist organization in Sirte in 2016, immediately after their return from Libya, and he recommended providing psychological care and briefing for them before returning them to their families, However, this reception subjected him to many criticisms and accusations of distinction between the sons of ISIS and those of the security forces who were killed by the terrorists.


In this context, Majdoulin Charni, the former minister and sister of Socrates Charni, one of the security agents who was killed by a terrorist group, accused the Tunisian president of the fallacy.

Al-Sharni sent a message to President Qais Saeed, in a post she posted on her Facebook page, in which she said, “Do you know that the people who received them are the children of terrorists? Do you know that the official statement issued by it is a fallacy of the public opinion and intentionally using other expressions for sympathy? Certainly, these children do not sin. To them, there are thousands of victims of war and terrorism in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, and looking after them all is the state’s duty, but that an official reception be organized for the children of terrorists and not others is unreasonable.

Receiving the children of terrorists

“As the supreme commander of the armed forces, you certainly know that the war on terror is based on psychological warfare primarily to preserve the high morale of the weapons-bearing forces,” Mr. Sharni said. “I learn, Mr. President, that all countries that fight terrorism have not received any of their leaders from the sons of terrorists.”

For his part, lawyer Habib Ashour said that these children who were received by President Qais Saeed do not bear the responsibility of their guardians, but he asked why the president was keen to highlight his care for this group, noting that “he could have instructed the competent authorities to brief With these children without special media coverage in the National News Channel Eight Newsletter. “

Whose message?

Ashour asked in his post “Who is he sending his message to?” (Referring to Qais Saeed) to the ISIS? What is its meaning? Go to war and do not fear for your children, we care about them and nurture them and we do not fear a proper blame, is this what is meant? To take care of the vulnerable orphans orphans who are poor and socially disadvantaged? To have priority in caring, briefing and caring? And to highlight to the Tunisians and the authority his priorities and options and urge them to follow in his footsteps? Indeed, Qais Saeed is a perplexing matter. ”

In the same context, Salwa Al-Sharafi, a professor at the Tunisian University, considered that the state’s guarantee of returning the orphans of terrorists is not worth discussing, because they are Tunisian children, and they are orphans with no guilt in the crimes committed by their fathers in Syria and Libya, but she wondered about the meanings of receiving them by the head of state .

She considered in a post on her Facebook page that this step is a “symbolic movement in which he is terrified”, asking, “Does this mean that the head of state adopts the concept of” terrorism as jihad “, and thus this movement wants to bow down in respect of the spirit of the terrorists by receiving their orphans?”.

“A positive picture of terrorism”

Al-Sharafi indicated that these orphan children “will not forget this honor, which will instill in their memory a positive image of terrorism, and they may invoke the images of this presidential reception to demonstrate the legitimacy and positivity of the actions of their parents.” “It is strange that the president did not consider receiving the children of the soldiers who are the victims of these terrorists and the sons of My thanks to Belaid and Brahmi are the victims of these same terrorists, “and she continued to ask,” Is the head of state aware of the importance of this symbolic movement that whitens and legitimizes terrorism, or does his political culture not allow him to understand these meanings? If he is aware of that, then the matter is dangerous. ”

In response to these criticisms, the official in charge of the media at the Presidency of the Republic, Rachida El-Niefer, republished the photos of President Qais Saeed’s supervision of a procession commemorating the fourth anniversary of the martyrdom of the presidential security agents, on November 24, when he met a number of children and families of the security forces killed in the bombing of their bus in the center of Tunis .


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