After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s divorce was announced … the royal palace explains what happened


Fans of the royal family were shocked after the Royal Palace of Buckingham published a statement stripping itPrince HarryAnd his wifeMegan MarkleFrom their surnames and a “comma” was placed between the names of both of them and their surnames, which means, according to the customary in the royal protocol, that they are divorced so that it becomes clear after this that the issue is not a subject of divorce as mentioned by the sites and newspapers before, but rather a first step on the new designation of the duo after we announced their retirement Royal life.
Last week, the palace affirmed that the spouses who announced that they would withdraw their royal duties, would not use their royal titles beginning this spring as part of an agreement that would make them waive royal duties. Under this arrangement, the palace said the couple would be approached as “Harry, Duke of Sussex” and “Megan, Duchess of Sussex”.
Historically, this coordination was used by women who had divorced a member of the royal family, such as Sarah Ferguson and Diana, what forced the royal palace to justify. On Monday, Britain’s Sky News reported that the palace described his couple’s initial titles as “wrong” and added that they would be corrected. However, the palace assured that Harry and Meghan would not lose their surnames – such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – explicitly but attempts to reach Buckingham Palace were not successful for further clarification.


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