After postponing two weeks now, the Resurrection of Uthman episode 7 and new conflicts on the ground of history on ATV


The Turkish drama came to us today with the resurrection of Osman Episode 7 after two weeks delay, and the viewers and followers have waited a long time after the sixth episode was presented, that the seventh episode will be shown at the appointed time of each week, but the audience was surprised not to show the episode for two weeks, and the producing companies announced The main reason is the lack of advertisements as a result of New Year’s celebrations, and getting to know the events of the seventh episode follow us

Osman takes the same steps as his father, Artgrel:

After the presentation of the Artegrel Resurrection series and an introduction to history, a new phenomenon appeared on the Turkish drama square called the Resurrection of Osman or touching Osman, and it is known that the series is a continuation of the same course of events that was occurring in the Artegral Resurrection.
The series shows the victories and victories that Osman took, taking his father as a role model in courage and strength, and the series shows that Osman fell under the clutches of deception and betrayal of those around him who are his enemies, but he conquers them.

The events of the seventh episode of the Resurrection of Othman:

After a two-week delay, the seventh episode of the Resurrection of Osman was shown today, Wednesday 22/1-2020, after many viewers waited for it with passion, and the episode appeared in a new garment of struggles and victories achieved by the founder Othman.

The dates of the series “The Resurrection of Othman”:

Before the resurrection of the Osman series began, the Artegral Resurrection series was shown on Wednesday of each week, and so the atv channel presented the official channel the Osman Resurrection series at the same time Wednesday of every week at eight in the evening Cairo time.
It is possible to watch all the episodes of the series translated into Arabic by adjusting the frequency of the atv channel, and the channel translates all episodes of the Turkish series that it displays. As for the frequency of the channel, it is: 11678 vertical.


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