After Libya .. Erdogan greed in Somali oil!


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Monday that Somalia has invited Turkey to explore for oil in its territorial waters.

Turkish media reported that the Turkish President spoke about a request from the Somali government to explore for oil in Somali territorial waters, without giving any additional details.

Ordogan appears, after signing an illegal maritime agreement with the government Accordance core Chaired by Fayez Al-Sarraj to search for gas in the Mediterranean, he seeks to penetrate into Somali regional waters, perhaps to compensate for his losses from the exit from the gas agreements in the eastern Mediterranean.

Why Somalia?

Commenting on this announcement, Abdullah Abdullah, former deputy head of Somali intelligence, told Al that the Turks are present in Somalia through several companies that carry out work in the fields of ports, road construction, paving, agriculture and fishing, adding that the Turkish government has close ties With the current Somali government, and signed several agreements of understanding and cooperation with it, so it is easy for Turkey to have influence in Somalia.

According to a study conducted by the new Somalia website, the Turkish presence in Somalia dates back to 2011 during the famine that struck the country as a result of repeated droughts, as a Turkish delegation headed by then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the Somali capital Mogadishu, and the aim behind it was to improve the image of the Turks in the minds of Somalis, and this visit was preceded by the organization of a scholarship program for 1,200 Somali students in Turkish universities and institutes studying in various branches of knowledge from medicine, engineering, law, etc. at a cost of about $ 70 million, and $ 414 million from the public and private sectors was also provided as a contribution to A number of relief and development program in Somalia.

Penetration in various sectors

Turkish penetration in Somalia has emerged in all vital sectors, starting from the economic sector, through the health sector, and ending with the military sector, until education in Somalia. Turkey has penetrated and established institutes and centers for teaching the Turkish language, including Kaplanoma School, which is based in the building of Banadir High School previously, and studying there is free. A large number of high school and university graduates who are hopeful of continuing their studies in Turkey or obtaining jobs from Turkish companies and institutions whose applicants are required to master the Turkish language.

Al-Berak Company

Turkey also penetrated in the field of investment in ports, and the company “Al-Berak” obtained the right to operate and manage the Mogadishu port for 20 years. Turkey also obtained the right to allow its vessels to fish in Somalia’s regional waters. There are other agreements on Turkish investment in the agricultural field.

According to the same study, Turkey announced its intention to open a military base in Somalia, after its main stone was laid in 2015, and it includes three training camps, weapons and ammunition stores, and residence buildings, at a cost of $ 50 million, adding that the base comes to fulfill Turkey’s desire to extend its military influence To the countries of Africa, especially those located in the east, and to protect their interests in the Horn of Africa, and confirming that al-Qaeda will be the beginning of Turkey’s true control of vital facilities in Somalia, not the last of which is the Somali territorial waters.


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