After discretion .. New details about the shooting down of the Ukrainian plane


Source: Dubai-

After concealing the details, despite the Revolutionary Guards claiming that one of its members had mistakenly fired a short-range missile towards the plane, the Iranian Civil Aviation Authority announced that two “TOR-M1” missiles targeted the Ukrainian plane that killed 176 passengers, most of them Canadian and Iranian.

And the authority stated in a second report, Monday, that “two TOR-M1 missiles were fired towards the Ukrainian plane.”

Recall that Iran’s Revolutionary GuardsLast week, days after denying responsibility for the accident of the Ukrainian plane, which was shot down at the dawn of January 8th, it was announced that a missile had been fired towards it, but it exploded near the plane, saying that “the plane has diverted its course of return”, which Ukraine later denied with maps.

And attributing the reason to the “tension” that prevailed, the commander of the Guardian Ground Force, Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, said at the time that the guards thought that the Ukrainian plane was a cruise missile, revealing that the guards launched a short-range missile that blew up that day.

A previous video proved the launch of two missiles!

And it was New video It was published on January 13, in foreign media and on social media, that the Revolutionary Guards fired two missiles at the plane.

According to this video, the Ukrainian plane, despite its targeting, did not fall down immediately, but rather started to revolve around the airport, and it caught fire, exploding after a few minutes and crashing around the village of Khalajabad, which explains the concept of the “TOR-M1” missile.

Both Ukraine and Canada had called for the black boxes to be sent to Ukraine or France, in order to investigate and learn more details, but Iranian officials have expressed contradictory statements in recent days about the possibility of sending them for examination abroad.

In the last of these statements, Iran affirmed on Tuesday that it will not send them abroad but rather will analyze them in Tehran, but the Civil Aviation Authority made it clear that it had requested necessary equipment from America and France to empty the data of the two funds, without receiving any positive response.


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