After Clinton’s statements .. The New York Times: split between Democrats


Source: Washington – Bandar Al-Doshi

In a feverish election year, former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton directed harsh and unprecedented criticism of the powerful leftist candidate Bernie Sanders and described him as unpopular, and no one preferred to work with him, and accused him of not achieving any accomplishment throughout his political journey.

These shocking remarks were described by the New York Times as a sign of a deep ideological divide within the Democratic Party that would make it easier for President Donald Trump to win the presidential election.

In her report, she said, for three years, Hillary Clinton watched the Democratic Party looking for a way to defeat President Trump. She saw some voters questioning the “possibility of choosing” the six women running for president, doubts she once faced. She watched Senator Bernie Sanders’ victory, after his resolute opposition in the 2016 presidential election, his campaign becoming the dominant liberal force in the 2020 race.

She declined to comment, until Tuesday morning, when the “Hollywood Reporter” newspaper published an interview with Hillary Clinton to promote a new documentary about her that will begin screening on Saturday at the “Sun Dance” film festival.

In the documentary, Clinton attacked the candidate Sanders and refused to say whether to endorse him and campaign on his behalf if he would win the Democratic nomination.

Clinton said: “No one loves him, no one wants to work with him, nothing has been done. He was a professional politician … all of this is nonsense and I feel so bad that people have been fooled with it.” When I asked her “The Reporter” recently if this evaluation was still valid, she replied: “Yes, it is,” according to the report.

Her remarks spread throughout the Democratic Party, on Tuesday, threatening to reopen the old wounds of the 2016 primaries, a race that quickly shifted from Mrs. Clinton’s coronation as the party’s first woman candidate to a bitter battle that revealed a deep ideological rift between Democrats.

The newspaper adds: This division over the direction the party should take and is now a major issue in the current primaries, after Sanders comments to the candidate Elizabeth Warren that women cannot win in the elections, and although these statements were in 2018, they appeared recently It divided the Democratic Party, specifically the left wing led by Sanders and Elizabeth Warren!

Candidate Sanders denied these comments, but Clinton, for her part, seized the comments and said she was “part of Sanders’ personality style,” noting that he said in 2016 that Mrs. Clinton was not qualified to be president.

According to the newspaper, some Democrats fear that Clinton will heighten tensions within the party, whose leaders have spent years trying to overcome the hostile conflicts that have persisted since the 2016 campaign, in the hope of uniting Democrats to defeat President Trump.

Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders

Representatives of both Senators Sanders and Mrs. Clinton moved quickly to try to calm the anger on Tuesday. Sanders’ campaign was keen to avoid other battles that would divert attention from his closing message less than two weeks before the presidential caucuses in Iowa, as new battles erupted not only recently with Mrs. Warren but also with former Vice President Joseph Biden Junior. Senator Sanders on Monday apologized to former Vice President John Biden after Sanders’ campaign agent wrote an opinion piece in which he accused the former vice president of “a major corruption problem”.

Speaking to reporters, Tuesday, in Washington, Senator Sanders said: “Secretary Clinton has the right to say her point of view. My job today is to focus on the trial of impeaching President Trump.”

When asked about his response to Clinton’s assertion that no one liked him, he jokingly said: “On a good day, my wife loves me, so let’s eliminate that.”

Mrs. Clinton tried to clarify her remarks Tuesday evening. She wrote on Twitter: “I thought everyone wanted my unimagined, authentic views! .. And to be serious, the first priority for our country and the world is defeating Trump, and as always I will do my best to support our candidate.”

The newspaper pointed to a shock in the Democratic Party from Clinton’s statements because she expressed these criticisms of candidate Sanders in an election year, very close to the start of the initial vote.

The newspaper attributes Clinton’s anger to the candidate Sanders’ denial of his dispute with Mrs. Warren over whether he had told her that the woman could not defeat Trump, according to people close to her. “He is not himself, but the culture around him. He is his leadership team, they are his staunch supporters,” Clinton said. Clinton also told her online reporter, Bernie Bruce, “It is disturbing that this culture has been allowed – not only has it been allowed, and it seems that it supports it a lot.”

Those close to Clinton say she is concerned that the attacks by the Sanders campaign could harm the future Democratic candidate in the same way that she thinks they have caused permanent damage to her.

The report adds that Clinton also does not believe Sanders can beat President Trump.

Since Sanders endorsed Clinton in July 2016, the rift between the two camps has remained intense. Clinton and her former aides assert that his support came too late, and it was too lukewarm to truly unite the party, and some Sanders supporters still argue that the NDC “rigged” the rules to help it win the nomination.

The newspaper pointed out that it is unlikely that the uproar surrounding Mrs. Clinton’s remarks will soon fade.

“She clearly had deep feelings about what happened in 2016 and she is interested in stopping Sanders now,” said David Axelrod, who was chief strategist in Barack Obama’s major campaign against Mrs. Clinton in 2008.


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