After a photo that sparked the controversy, Nicole Saba denies the news of her pregnancy: I am not missing my pent up


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lebanese artist Nicole Saba denied the news that she uploaded it in a video published through her official account on “Instagram”, saying: “Unfortunately, the issue is a rumor … and I did not guess …”

But the video published by Saba carries a message further than the topic of denying pregnancy, in which she replied to critics of a picture that she had to remove from her account after she drew criticism.

The deleted image, which spread widely on the Internet, quoting Nicole’s account, was a lion having sex with a lioness, commenting on it saying “Oh Yes we did it”, which was explained by followers on social media that the Lebanese artist wanted to announce her pregnancy from her husband, the artist Youssef Uncle this way.

Perhaps this is what I meant by Nicole Saba in the message I sent via the recently published video, saying: “Surprisingly, I am supposed to be smarter than the heck, if I want to announce my pregnancy if it becomes, for sure what I will announce from the Post Post photo and in my way …”

The Lebanese artist directed her critics by saying: “No, I am lacking in complexity or suppressed …”, and she advised them to watch documentary films on animal channels.

It is noteworthy that the artist Nicole Saba has one daughter bearing her name, and her artistic activity was limited during the past year to concerts that revived a number of them in Egypt, and her most recent TV roles were her participation in the championship of the second season of the series “Prestige” in 2018, and she also played as a guest of honor on the Egyptian comedy series “Eat it fondness.”


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