Actress Elissa attacks the revolutionaries and the new Lebanese government


Beirut – New York Post

The Lebanese actress Elissa attacked, through a tweet on her Twitter account, expressing her dissatisfaction with the Lebanese street’s acceptance of the new government headed by Hassan Diab.

She said that the new government does not express the opinion of the rising Lebanese street since October last year.

In the Twitter text, “What is wrong with understanding where the revolutionaries went? All work that has been done with the other is shaken. The story becomes satisfied with a government that does not resemble the revolution or its representation, nor does it reflect what people demanded from 3 months for today? When did we surrender?”

Several protests erupted in Lebanon nearly three months ago, leading to the resignation of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri.

The Secretary-General of the Lebanese Cabinet, Judge Mahmoud Makiya, announced Tuesday evening President Michel Aoun’s decree to form the government headed by Hassan Diab, who admitted that his government was “truly a one-color government.”

The decree, which Makiya read at a press conference, included accepting the resignation of the caretaker Prime Minister, Saad Hariri.

Among the most prominent changes that have taken place in the formation of the new government are the overthrow of the defense, interior and foreign ministers, who are in order: Elias Abu Saab, Raya Al-Hassan and Gebran Bassil, the Lebanese president’s son-in-law.

It is scheduled to take over the functions of these three sovereign ministries, Zeina Aker as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense, Nasif even Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, and Muhammad Fahmy as Minister of Interior and the two countries.

For his part, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that the street uprising drew the features of the new Lebanon, considering that the demonstrators broke the sectarian barrier “and our aim now is to protect stability.”

Diab spoke about organizing new elections in the country after amending the election law.

Diab admitted that his government was “really a one-color government,” a description that demonstrators gave to the new government before its formation, but he added: “It is the government of Lebanon and I am a technocrat and whoever assigned me assigned me.”


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