Accusing Megan Markle of being a bad mother … that’s what she did with her child


Megan Markle officially began her life away from the British royal family and the associated obligations. Although she appeared in some pictures while walking with her child, Archie, and the signs of happiness are visible on her face, she was recently criticized and charged harshly.Critics considered her a bad mother because of the method she used to carry the baby, as she used a front bra with laces. And they saw that she does not care much about the correct position that his body must take and that it does not harm him.

A daily newspaper report quoted by (her magazine) newspaper revealed that she was subsequently attacked by a very strong attack, and it was stated in the comments on social media: “Archi does not feel comfortable. Perhaps one of the personal guards can give him a hand” and “a pity for the child” Let someone teach her how to properly carry a baby so that he does not fall down. ”

It is noteworthy that Prince Harry and Meghan recently moved to Canada after obtaining the approval of Queen Elizabeth II. In exchange, the latter imposed upon them the payment of the costs of the renovations that had taken place at their previous place of residence in Fergmore Cottage and relinquishing their royal titles.

It is reported that the prince traveled two days ago to Canada in order to meet his small family, amid a wide wave of controversy over his unprecedented decision.

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