A year before it happens .. Creating a blood test that predicts the approaching menopause in women


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A year before its occurrence .. Creating a blood test that predicts the approaching menopause stage for women, today Saturday January 25, 2020 08:48 in the morning

Menopause usually occurs from the age of fifty or sixty, and often occurs during the forties, and while this stage is normal and every woman knows that it will happen at some point, the element of surprise is the problem.

The occurrence of menopause requires menopause or menstruation, and in many cases there may be many factors that cause its interruption, especially women’s health problems, which is certainly worrying, as many do not realize that menopause at this time is related to menopause.

However, thanks to a group of researchers from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, a simple high-precision blood test was created that can predict the approach of menopause in women, even a year before any symptoms appear.

According to the journal “The Health Site”, the researchers concluded that measuring the levels of the “anti-muller hormone”, also known as the “hormone inhibitors of mollers” AMH, can predict the date of the last menstrual period that the woman will test.

The primary role of the hormone AMH is that it is considered as an indication of the number of eggs remaining in women, as the number of eggs decreases with the approaching menopause.

As part of the test experiment and its accuracy, the researchers analyzed blood tests conducted on 1,537 women between the ages of 42 and 63, and examined the health changes that participants underwent during their menopause testing.

The test experiment was approved to monitor the levels of the AMH hormone, in addition to another hormone associated with stimulation of follicles and is one of the hormones associated with fertility.

Indeed, the researchers found that the innovative test is characterized by high accuracy and sensitivity to measure AMH levels, where the test was able to predict the timing of the last menstrual period that participants will experience and the onset of menopause, within 12-24 months, before any symptoms of menopause or menopause appear. Among women in their late forties and early fifties.

Researchers revealed that the testing experiment took a long time, but the test proved successful and high accuracy, as stated by “Joel S. Finkelstein,” the head of the study: “The innovative test is characterized by its effectiveness and accuracy in predicting the approach of the menopause stage long before it occurs, in contrast to traditional methods. Which usually depends on tracking the patterns and changes of the menstrual cycle, which are inaccurate and unhelpful.

The researchers also pointed out that the innovative test can predict the approaching menopause and the occurrence of the last menstrual period within a year or two before any symptoms appear, compared to traditional methods, which all they can do is narrow the range of possibilities for 4 years, starting from one or two years.


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