A word, Adel Imam told Youssef Fawzi about his illness, and he decided to retire


The artist Youssef Fawzy revealed the position of the artist, Adel Imam, that was among the reasons that led him to retire.

“Fawzi” said in press statements that he decided to retire after a number of situations in which some observed the shaking of his hand, the most prominent of which was with artist Adel Imam.

He added: I was playing a role in his series and performing the role of two people sitting in solace and he noticed my hands shaking and asked me about it.

He continued: Then he asked me in one of the scenes and he said to me (prove your hands, Joe) .. Then we talked behind the scenes about the matter and told him that I have Parkinson’s disease and he told me (and what does it mean), so I told him (the idea is that you ask me for a request that I cannot implement).

However, I did not get angry with Adel Imam .. If he had not been afraid of me, he would not have asked me.


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