A Syrian refused to marry him who he loved, so he set off a bomb that killed him with her


Source: London – Arabic.net

A Syrian named Hafez Nizar Abu Fakhr, 23 years old, ended his life yesterday, Monday, and the life of a girl one year younger than him, because her family always refused his request to marry her, and when he learned that she would be with him in the village of Hafr al-Quil, located in the countryside of the “Suwayda Governorate” adjacent to southern Syria For the border with Jordan, he decided to solve the problem in his own way.

He waited for Hanan Abdullah Abu Fakhr to pass on a road in the village, and she was returning from the university to the house, and when he saw her he approached and detonated a hand grenade that was in his possession, according to what Al-Arabiya.net learned from several Syrian news sites, including “As-Suwayda 24”, the supplier that the bombing They fought them together, in a double crime that happened last year in the same governorate.

Quilting village
Quilting village

The site stated that the bomber “knew that Hanan, a university student in the psychological counseling department, was about to get engaged to another young man” so he killed her and killed himself in the way that a young man named Rami Khaled Hudhayfah detonated a hand grenade inside Walid Sadiq’s house in the town of ” Unbelief “in the governorate.

Hudhayfa, who is 19 years old, offered to marry a girl two years younger than her name Bisan, but her family rejected him several times, so he went to her house and detonated the bomb in it, so they took him and Baisan to a nearby hospital, where he separated life, while the girl’s mother entered shrapnel that had various injuries , So they transferred her to the hospital’s intensive care department, and she survived.


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