A serious development in the crunch Al-Hilal and Al-Faisaly match .. a new decision is expected


Sports journalist Faisal Al-Raouji blew a new surprise regarding the crunch of Al-Hilal and Al-Faisaly match, which they gathered yesterday evening Monday, in the twelfth round of “postponed” rounds of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup.

And legal expert, Ahmed Al-Amir, had announced, moments after the end of the Al-Hilal and Al-Faisaly match, by a tie (2-2), that the latter had committed a catastrophic administrative error, not to exclude his guard Mustafa Malaika from the team’s list permanently, after leaving the basic formation before
Moments from the start whistle, due to injury.

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In statements to “22 satellite channel”, Al-Raouji indicated that the regulations of the Discipline and Professional Committee in Saudi Arabia stipulate the necessity of excluding any player from the final list of the match, in case he leaves the basic formation submitted to the observer after his announcement.

The sports journalist explained that Al-Faisaly violated these regulations by not removing the angels name permanently from the match list, and by sitting him on the bench, despite his departure from the previously announced basic formation, which is legally classified as a “technical error”, with which one must be taken These two decisions, by the Commission for Discipline and Ethics ..

Firstly: The result of the match is canceled and returned again, on a date to be determined by the Competitions Committee.

Second: Imposing a penalty on Al-Faisali, as a loser, and registering Al-Hilal with two or three goals without a response.

It is worth noting that Al-Hilal Club has not issued any official statement yet about its desire to move legally due to this mistake Al-Faisali committed, which led to his loss of two important points.

Al-Hilal tops the table of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, for the professional league, with 31 points, after 14 rounds have passed so far, with a difference of only one point from Al-Wasif victory.


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