A relative landing of a few millimeters from the delta area under the sea


Dr. Jad Al-Qadi, head of the Institute of Astronomical and Geophysical Research, said that there are several researches on Mars that have proven the existence of fresh water, but scientific institutions have not found any aliens living on the planets of the solar system, but cinematic films have entrenched in the minds of some the existence of aliens with Different nature.

The judge added to “Al-Bawaba News” that there is no basis for truth about the decline in the rate of gravity, and there is a network of stations distributed across Egypt fixed to measure the gravity of the earth, and the measurements are done naturally, and there are no indications of its decline, and these are among the rumors Which is mentioned as the delta landing, and this is characterized by part of the health as a result of the climatic changes that led to the melting of the Arctic snow, taking into account that there is a steady movement in part of the African tectonic plate, which will sink under the European plate, and has different time cycles over the centuries, it will happen Relative decline for some milliseconds Liters of the Delta region under the sea and the high rate of sea surface over hundreds of years and will be unnoticed.

He stressed that from a scientific point of view, there are several theories that are still under discussion for the establishment of the globe, so the ways of the end of the universe and the planet are not known to anyone.


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