A patch costing a prison pizza delivery worker … what did he do?


Source: Istanbul (Turkey) – France Press

A Turkish delivery worker faces up to 18 years in prison for spitting on Pizza Before delivery to the customer and “food poisoning.”

And local media said, on Thursday, that a Turkish public prosecutor recommended the issuance of a tight sentence for “Burak S”, which was monitored by a surveillance camera placed on a building where the customer who requested the pizza lived, according to the DHA news agency.

Unknown motives

The incident took place in the central city of Eskisehir in 2017, where the video showed the worker spitting on the pizza before delivering it to its owner, and not only did he record this moment on his mobile phone, without revealing his motives to do so.

In turn, the owner of the apartment building in which the customer resides discovered the spitting incident after he saw the footage recorded by the surveillance camera, and then informed the customer who had resorted to instituting a suit against the worker.

The defendant was previously fined 4,000 Turkish liras ($ 675) for threatening the client’s health, while prosecutors are currently seeking a long prison sentence for “food poisoning”.


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