A new report reveals to us exciting information about the thickness of the iPhone 12 Pro Max


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One of the important changes Apple made to its iPhones last year is to extend battery life. For years, Apple has been trying to slim its iPhone phones as far as possible to the point where it dispensed with features like battery life. This is why we were surprised last year when Apple decided to extend battery life in the iPhone 11 Series.

However, it seems that Apple will return to the strategy of slimming its smartphones this year, or at least that is indicated by a new report recently released from the Japanese Mac Otakara blog, which states that the new iPhone coming in the second half of this year will be thinner than the current models. .

According to rumors, it is possible that Apple this year launches at least four iPhone models, one of which will feature a 6.7-inch screen, making it the most elegant model in the lineup. The new report claims that this particular model can have a thickness of 7.4mm, making it 10 percent thinner compared to the current iPhone 11 Pro Max.

We are not sure if this thinness will come at the expense of battery life, but we certainly hope it will not be the case. Several reviews have praised the long battery life of the iPhone phones released by Apple in the year 2019, so it would be bad for Apple to take a step back.

In any case, these are just rumors at the moment, so please deal with them with minimal enthusiasm despite the fact that the aforementioned blog has been behind the leak of many correct information about Apple devices in past years.



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