A new discovery in the immune system may cure all types of cancer


British scientists from the University of “Cardiff” revealed that a recent discovery of the immune system in the human body may be used to treat all types of cancer.

According to the BBC (BBC) today, a team has discovered a way to eliminate types of cancer, including prostate, breast and lung cancer, in laboratory experiments, and details of the discovery were published in the journal Nature Immunology.

The body said that the scientists were looking for unconventional and undiscovered methods that automatically attacked the cancerous immune system, as they were found in one of the T cells in human blood, a cell with the immune system that can scan the body to see if there is a risk that must be eliminated.

“No one thought this was possible, but now there is an opportunity to treat all patients,” said Professor Andrew Sewell.

He added that the discovery raises the possibility of finding a single treatment method that suits all types of cancer, through one type of T cell that might be able to destroy many types of cancer for everyone.


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