A new development .. A dead man, Nancy Ajram, called and visited her husband’s clinic


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

Have seen an issue The house of Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram was broken intoNew developments, where judicial sources said that the communications data revealed that the young man, Mohamed Al-Mousa, who broke into Ajram’s house, was tracking her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, some time ago, according to the Lebanese “LBC”.

In the details, it was evident from the investigation and from the communications data that Muhammad al-Musa was tracking Fadi Hashem A while ago, he called more than once his clinic number, which is the number recorded on the Internet and available to all through social media, in order to seek information.

It was found that “the aggressor did not contact Dr. Al-Hashem at all personally, and it also appeared that he visited the clinic headquarters one time at the beginning of the year 2019.”

The judge questioned Al-Hashem for a period of 3 hours, after which he decided to leave him pending investigation, then set a new session, which will be on next March 10, with a number of employees of Fadi Al-Hashem’s husband called to listen to their testimonies.

It is noteworthy that Judge Ghada Aoun had allegedly accused Al-Hashem of murder under Article 547, whose sentence ranges from 15 to 20 years, given on Article 229, which gives mitigating reasons if it is proven that the killing came as a self-defense.


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