A medical discovery heralds the elimination of most types of cancer


British scientists, while conducting some medical experiments, were able to discover a new type of immune cell that fights most types of cancer, which could lead to a significant improvement in the course of treatment.

According to the British newspaper “Telegraph”, researchers at the University of “Cardiff” were analyzing blood samples and searching for immune cells that could fight bacteria, before they reached a completely new type of “T cell.”

T cells form a group of blood lymphocytes, and play a key role in cellular immunity.

The team of researchers said that after the new immune cell was subjected to experiments in the laboratory, it was found that it is able to eliminate most types of cancer, including the prostate, breast and lungs.

In this regard, Professor Andrew Sewell, lead author of the study and expert on T cells, stated that it is “not unusual” to find a cell with tremendous potential to fight cancer.


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