A media suspect is accused of causing the death of Dana Abbas Al-Haydar as he responds


After the death of the Kuwaiti actressDana Abbas Al-HaydarThe surprise yesterday, at the age of 21, and what has been talked about is that the cause of death was due to the late discovery of a cancerous tumor.Mohammed Karam, Accusing him of causing Dana’s death as a result of bullying, because of his appearance with her, accompanied by one of his friends, who practiced bullying together towards her.
Karam responded to this campaign, by publishing a video in which he accompanied Dana and said in his first comment on these accusations: “Thank God, I am a good person and I endured the amount of criticism and abuse, and this answer is thank you to everyone who bully me and said that I am a bully.”
The video showed Dana as she thanked everyone who stood beside her, whether her followers or Karam’s followers, indicating that they were filming a representative scene to see people’s reaction to bullying, which denies the accusation against him from the pioneers of social networking.


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